On-line cyber cinema comes to DVD

Multimedia 2000, a company that develops and distributes DVDs and CD-ROM software, today announced the upcoming release of The Best of the Web, an innovative DVD series that will make the online world’s choicest films and animation available to a wider audience.

‘The Best of the Web’ will feature formerly web-exclusive, original films and animation from the web’s best sites, with the quality of DVD.

‘I kept hearing about the web entertainment revolution taking place, with great movies and animation, but the only animation I kept seeing was that stupid hourglass flipping over and over,’ said Multimedia 2000 CEO Paul Bader. ‘I figured I wasn’t the only person out there wasting valuable time waiting for these movies to download, hoping they worked on my system, then watching them play on some tiny, grainy screen.’

‘The Best of the Web’ contains the best in web entertainment, including films from Z.com, the site designed to give well-known Hollywood talent as well as promising newcomers a space to experiment with short film. Other films in the series will come from Urban Entertainment, a site dedicated to providing quality feature and short films depicting and created by African-Americans to serve the emerging digital marketplaces, and ALWAYSi, one of the premier providers of animation, short films and documentaries over the web.

The first three DVDs in the series will debut in March 2001.

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