MGM to release a ‘Rocky’ boxed set

On the heals of the announcement that MGM will re re-issuing Rocky in a special edition, the studio has announced a boxed set of the famous pug’s exploits to be released on the same day.

The Rocky Gift Set features all five of the ‘Rocky’ movies in one convenient place. This is notable because Rocky III has never been available on DVD before. As it stands now, Rockys II-V will only be available in this boxed set. But, I can’t imagine that this situation won’t change in the foreseeable future, given how vocal fans can be about perceived injustices where releases are concerned. As it stands now, though, if you want the other movies you’ll have to purchase the box.

Details about the individual discs aren’t available yet, but you can be sure that we’ll give ‘em as soon as we get ‘em.

Rocky Gift Set will be available on April 24th. The suggested retail price is $89.96.

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