Me, Myself & Irene

Me, Myself & Irene

Submitted by Mike Johnstin and Troy Anderson

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has once again hidden some interesting additional material on their release of the Jim Carrey schizo-comedy “Me, Myself & Irene.”

From the disc’s main menu, go to the “Bonus Features” and from there, go on to the “Deleted Scenes.” In this menu, press the arrow “Down” key on your remote control in the first column of deleted scenes. Once you get to the bottom of the list after “Bonus
Materials,” and you press “Down” one more time, Jim Carrey’s head will appear on the screen. Press “Enter” now and you will be treated to a selection of hilarious bloopers from the movie.

Also, if you go to the main menu and don’t do anything for a bout one minute or two, a menu will pop up on the screen, asking you if you needed to take a pill, if you answer “No thanks, I feel fine,” all the menus on the disc will change to a red Hank menu…

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