Hope for affordable DVD recording: Steam Machine & National Semiconductor partnership

Stream Machine announced the Duo Reference Design, a complete full-duplex audio and video platform that combines the MPEG-2 video and audio recording technology of Stream Machine with the DVD decoding of National Semiconductor’s Mediamatics DVD-on-a-chip technology.

Stream Machine and National Semiconductor have teamed up to provide a platform for consumer recording that is dramatically more affordable than today’s recordable DVD designs, which carry price tags up to $4,000. The Duo platform is targeted to reach consumers at around $400—at one-tenth the expense of competing models—and will therefore be attractive to a broad market.

‘National Semiconductor and Stream Machine share a common vision of where the consumer electronics trends are headed,’ said Kent Goodin, VP of National Semiconductor’s Mediamatics Hardware Division.

‘This partnership with National Semiconductor extends our technological reach further into the global consumer electronics market by establishing a foundation for combinations of MPEG recording and DVD playback’, states Brian Heuckroth, VP of marketing for Stream Machine. ‘We believe that, together with National Semiconductor, we can hit the market sweet spots with compelling features and affordability.’

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