Could Skynet be very far behind?

This may be a bit left of field, but since most readers have at least a passing knowledge of the film (to say the least), this should be interesting:

United Internet Technologies, Inc. (UIT), a subsidiary of United Leisure Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: UTDL), today announced that it has acquired the exclusive rights to the feature film Terminator 2: Judgment Day from Canal+ D.A., to develop and distribute sophisticated Internet enabled animatronic smart Internet communication devices. The company intends to partner with consumer electronics manufacturers to build a line of smart toys based on the T2 Endoskeleton character, created by Stan Winston Studios, which will incorporate UIT’s I-C-IT technology.

The T2 line of smart products will enable the user to communicate over the Internet, verbalizing typed messages, in addition to producing movements which are also sent as typed commands. The smart mechanism will react in real time in an on-line gaming environment. The T2 smart devices are being designed by special effects master Stan Winston, who has received Oscars for his work on ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ and ‘Aliens.’

I-C-IT technology will bring these action figures to life. According to Brian Shuster, president and chairman of UIT, ‘Our I-C-IT technology allows these devices to communicate and interact with each other all over the world, in real time. The T2 Internet communication devices will literally come to life (!!!) as the user controls what it says and does via the Internet. Furthermore, the T2 smart mechanism may react spontaneously to digital content, such as a video game or DVD. It is the perfect technology to compliment the futuristic T2 franchise.’

I-C-IT technology allows electronic devices to be controlled remotely via the Internet, through a wireless device or through television signals. I-C-IT enabled products are designed to spontaneously interact with individuals, either through control by another user, interaction with another I-C-IT enabled device or through I-C-IT enabled digital content such as: DVDs, programming, video games, or education software.

No specifics about prices or an ETA have been announced.

Now, is it my imagination, or does this strike anyone else as the early stages of a VERY ironic and frightening self-fulfilling prophecy?

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