Columbia TriStar Home Video sees red with Dolph Lundgren

Nordish action star Dolph Lundgren is the center of attention in Columbia TriStar Home Video’s release of Agent Red that is scheduled for release on April 10.

Lundgren plays Matt Hendricks, a the US Navy’s top Marine Special Operations Commander who is facing his toughest challenge yet – personally escorting the deadliest viral weapon on the planet back to a safe storage facility.

Aboard the submarine the US New Orleans, the deadly chemical is locked away and the mission is business as usual – until the Russian terrorist group “Commencement” boards the vessel and takes the crew hostage. Kretz, the leader of Commencement, is determined to spread the virus over a major American city. After wiping out the submarine’s crew, the terrorists steer the sub toward New York.

Miles below the ocean’s surface, with the US Navy attacking from above, and violent terrorists attacking from within, Hendricks must battle the enemy and keep the deadly virus sealed, before it escapes and annihilates humanity.

The DVD will feature a 16x9enhanced widescreen transfer of the movie complemented by a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio track and a Dolby Surround track. Director Damian Lee has contributed an audio commentary track to the release and the DVD will also the Theatrical Trailer and Talent Files.

Scheduled for release on April 10, the R-rated “Agent Red” will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95.

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