BroadcastDVD ships 750mphDVD to retail

BroadcastDVD, producer of an advertising-supported DVD series of short films, released in January a hard-rock music DVD magazine titled 750mphDVD. Initial distribution will be 250,000 discs via a month-long promotion with more than 500 Wherehouse music stores nationwide, reports Scott Epstein, BroadcastDVD vice president of marketing and business development.

The title is specifically geared for the PlayStation2 crowd, and features 30 bands, two hours and 20 minutes of music videos and live performances, as well as another three hours of music in an “audio only” section.

BroadcastDVD was scheduled to announce this month at the Consumer Electronics Show and Video Software Dealers Association in Las Vegas an “in-box” DVD promotion for its film magazine, FilmFest, of which it has now produced six issues. The latest edition will have an initial shipment of 100,000 DVDs, and the company is planning subsequent shipments of 250,000 per quarter.

Epstein, who cofounded another DVD series Short Cinema Journal (which he left in September 1998), said BroadcastDVD is also working on several other DVD promotions that could result in millions of DVDs replicated and distributed at several high profile video retail locations.

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