Anchor Bay sees a better tomorrow after incorrect audio track

The hot new release of John Woo’s actioner A Better Tomorrow from Anchor Bay Entertainment has been stopped in its tracks before it really made it to the retail shelves. As it turns out, the disc contains a defective Cantonese audio track, which not only mingles Cantonese elements with Mandarin elements, but also uses music incorrect elements that had been prepared by Media Asia for the film at one point.

To correct the problem, Anchor Bay is pulling the title from retail shelves at this point to correct the release and re-release it in a few weeks. Currently all replication of the current DVD version of “A Better Tomorrow” has stopped and Anchor Bay is re-pressing the title using the original Cantonese Mono audio track which will replace the existing Cantonese tracks on the DVD. The English audio on the DVD is not affected by this. Anchor Bay is hopeful to have replacement discs available in early February to replace the defective ones.

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