Spruce offers personal DVD authoring software for downloading

Spruce Technologies, Inc. , a company offering new media authoring solutions and services, has made SpruceUp(TM) , the only web-enabled personal DVD authoring software, available for immediate download via its web site at www.sprucedvd.com/SpruceUp.

With control of the latest DVD-Recordable drives, SpruceUp combines ease-of-use, a powerful feature set, creative freedom, and an affordable price point to make DVD authoring viable at the personal level. Unlike early systems, limited to putting simple linear content on a disc or staying within the restrictions of predefined templates, SpruceUp is a real creative tool. Users can shape captured content and author their own productions—such milestones as weddings, birthdays, reunions, graduations, conferences, corporate presentations, and product catalogs—to share with family, friends, colleagues, and clients on their Windows PCs.

SpruceUp also includes the ability to make use of WebDVD. With Spruce’s patent-pending Convergence(TM) technology, adding Web links to productions is as simple as typing a URL. When the disc is played back on a Web-connected PC using Spruce’s supplied redistributable player, pages will come up automatically in sync with the program.

The software has a unique ‘Trial Mode’ which allows all features of the program to be used, up to and including writing two full projects to disc. Only when the user has fully tested the software do they have to purchase it. A simple online transaction unlocks the program at any time. The price for the full program is $129.

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