In El Dorado, Kansas, DreamWorks will paint the streets gold…

Because this day wouldn’t be complete without mention of a studio ‘celebrating’ the release of a DVD with some fun publicity, we have this one to report:

On December 12th, at 6pm, in celebration of the holidays and the release of the animated adventure The Road To El Dorado, the story of the legendary Lost City of Gold, DreamWorks Home Entertainment will turn the historic main street of El Dorado, Kansas completely gold. More than 11,880 feet of golden lights, 2,000 feet of gold garland, 32,000 square feet of gold paint, and 100 oversized golden ornaments will adorn the charming town of the movie’s namesake.

The transformation will be unveiled by Susan Seeber, Mayor of El Dorado, who will throw a giant switch that will illuminate two city blocks and welcome the film’s beloved characters Miguel and Tulio as they arrive in a gold convertible amongst great fanfare and two tons of golden ticker-tape confetti. DreamWorks also will present a donation of 10,000 gold coins for the town’s first movie theater. Following the magical golden moment will be a holiday parade featuring hundreds of ‘The Road To El Dorado’-themed floats led by Grand Marshall’s Miguel and Tulio.

This entire holiday season, DreamWorks will get into the spirit of giving by offering millions of ‘Golden’ prizes in the ‘Road to Gold’ sweepstakes marking the release of ‘The Road To El Dorado’. This ‘Instant Win’ game offers consumers the opportunity to win the grand prize of $1 Million, or millions of other ‘golden’ prizes including one of five thousand kids ‘Scooters or real U.S. Golden Dollars. The Road To El Dorado, stars the vocal talents of Kevin Kline (Tulio), Kenneth Branagh (Miguel), Edward James Olmos (The Chief), Armand Assante (Tzekel-Kan) and Rosie Perez (Chel), and will be available in a Special Edition DVD that features a multitude of extras for the entire family.

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