‘Gladiator’ keeps on slaying records…

Well, it’s official: the November 21 release of Gladiator, has become the fastest-selling DVD of all time—selling through to consumers more than 1.8 million units, and is poised to become the best-selling DVD in history.

On its first day of availability, demand for the Roman epic was so high that retail re-orders resulted in the need to replicate an additional one million units. ‘Gladiator’s’ week-one retail shipment total of 3.4 million (!!!) units bested in five days what the previous record holder, ‘The Matrix,’ accomplished in more than a year of release.

According to Kelly Sooter, Head of Domestic Video for DreamWorks, ‘We are working to keep up with the tremendous consumer demand for ‘Gladiator’ on DVD—however we are literally getting new orders by the minute, and available manufacturing capacity between now and Christmas is limited.’

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