ECW: Path Of Destruction

ECW: Path Of Destruction

Submitted by Brian Hayes

On Pioneer’s release of the wrestling title “ECW: Path Of Destruction” you can find a hidden feature that is extremely interesting for hard-core wrestling fans!

From the disc’s main menu, go to the “Special Features, ” and there, go past promos and biographies and highlight the “Main Menu” entry. Now press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control, which will take you to a 12 minute promo featurette about Brian Pillman when he was appearing in the ECW for the first time after leaving the WCW.

The featurette contains the entire profanity-laced tirade he vented off through, a fight with a plant in the audience, Shane Douglas yelling at Brian Pillman, his ejection from the building, practically everything that made his entry so memorable. You can also access this promo featurette by directly accessing Title 8 on your DVD player.

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