DTS encoding to be used on Masterdisk’s music DVDs

All of you DTS fanatics out there (and in here!) should be pleased to hear that they’ll soon have the opportunity to listen to more of their favorite music in their favorite sound format.

DTS, has announced that Masterdisk, a CD mastering and DVD authoring facility based in New York City, has purchased the DTS Professional Audio Equipment and will begin to encode the DTS 5.1 Digital Surround audio format technology onto its music DVDs.

Masterdisk will be utilizing the equipment to provide encoding capabilities to its existing music clients as well as its new DVD-Video clients.
Masterdisk has been…well…mastering disks for nearly 30 years; they incorporated the first Sonic Solutions audio system in New York City. Additionally, they were the first audio facility to offer DVD-Video to its clients.

‘Encoding DTS’ 5.1 Digital Sound Audio onto our DVDs will enhance the sound and performance significantly,’ said Drew Anderson, a mastering engineer at Masterdisk. ‘As an early adopter to high end audio equipment, it’s only natural that we migrate towards surround sound to offer our clients and customers an exceptional audio experience and lead them into the next revolution of audio technology.’

Most major consumer electronics manufacturers feature DTS decoding technology in their product lines. It is estimated that the installed base of DTS decoders in homes will grow to approximately 5 million by the end of the year.

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