Blockbuster issues 30-day DVD rental pass

Perhaps worried about online competition, Blockbuster Video is finally jumping on the DVD bandwagon by launching a $19.99 ‘DVD pass’ good for 30 rentals over 30 days. The new program layers over the chain’s ‘guaranteed satisfaction’ policy for DVD rentals, which was announced last week.

With the rechargeable ‘DVD pass’ electronic card, which is activated to begin the 30-day term upon purchase, consumers are entitled to one DVD rental per day. Rentals cannot be accumulated—if a day is missed, the rental is lost—but they can be used for either 2-day new releases or 5-day older new releases. Regular late fees apply.

The move follows last week’s announcement that the chain is offering a ‘guaranteed satisfaction’ program for the DVD format that gives consumers a free rental of another DVD title if they’re dissatisfied with any DVD rental (hmmm, does this mean I could have gotten another rental after watching ‘The Haunting’?). Simultaneously, Blockbuster said it is stocking some 1,000 DVD units per store in anticipation of strong player sales this holiday season.

I guess it’s better to come late to the dance than not show up at all, eh?

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