Universal sets loose Jimmy Stewart in “Harvey” in February

We have just received the latest bit of information about a very exciting classic release from Universal Home Video. On February 6, Universal will release the 1950 classic Jimmy Stewart comedy Harvey on DVD.

In “Harvey”, James Stewart stars as Elwood P. Dowd, a wealthy alcoholic whose sunny disposition and drunken antics are tolerated by most of the citizens of his community. That is, until Elwood begins to claim that he has a friend named Harvey who is an invisisble six foot rabbit. Elwood’s snooty socialite sister, Veta, determined to marry off her daughter Myrtle to a respectable man, begins to plot to keep Elwood’s lunacy from interfering.

The DVD will feature a remastered fullscreen transfer of this black and white classic, and contain the original mono audio track of the film. A special introduction by Jimmy Stewart himself, the movie’s theatrical trailer, Production Notes, Cast & Crew Biographies and Film Highlights will help make this DVD a welcome release for every fan of classic American cinema.

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