There’s a new champion in the arena: “Gladiator” is quickly slaying records

Records are made to be broken, and in the increasingly popular world of DVD and Home Entertainment in general, the top spot is always within reach for a talented newcomer.

Gladiator, the critically acclaimed, action-packed epic from Dreamworks that grossed more than $185 million domestically, has already become this year’s best renting title in the U.K. and has also set a new initial DVD shipment record in the U.S.

As I’m sure many of you waiting with baited breath already know, the ‘Gladiator’ DVD is set for release on November 21st. In the U.K. the movie was released to VHS on October 23rd, and in its first week of release became the No. 1 renter of the year, surpassing the previous chart-topper, The Sixth Sense and securing a spot among the top five best renting titles of all time.

Initial DVD orders being sent to retailers amount to 2.6 million units—substantially outpacing initial shipments for previous record holders The Matrix and ‘The Sixth Sense’. Consumer pre-orders at retail online sites have also been phenomenal: with ‘Gladiator’ remaining the No. 1 most ordered movie at the most popular online DVD stores.

And a new king is crowned…before he even arrives!

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