Paranoia and the American Dream: ‘The Oliver Stone Collection’

Warner Home Video salutes the acclaim, genius and controversy of Oliver Stone with the arrival of the Oliver Stone Collection on DVD this January.
This tribute to the multiple Academy-Award winning director includes enhanced versions of many of his most popular and acclaimed films and an all-new, never-before-seen career retrospective, Oliver Stone’s America, featured on a separate disc in every gift pack.

The ‘Oliver Stone Collection’ includes: Any Given Sunday Special Edition Director’s Cut (a new DVD double-disc set), JFK Special Edition Director’s Cut, (a new DVD double-disc set), Heaven and Earth (new to DVD) and Natural Born Killers , plus Universal’s Talk Radio and Born on the Fourth of July (Academy-Award® winner for Best Director), Wall Street (Fox Home Entertainment), Nixon (a new DVD double-disc set from Hollywood Pictures), U-Turn (Columbia/TriStar), The Doors (a new DVD double-disc set from Artisan) and the bonus documentary ‘Oliver Stone’s America,’ which gives an in-depth look at the award-winning writer/producer/director’s movie legacy and includes film clips, interviews with colleagues, and behind-the-scenes footage of his numerous titles. This career retrospective is only available as part of the ‘Oliver Stone Collection.’

Individual titles in the ‘Oliver Stone Collection’ will be available for purchase (excluding the new ‘Any Given Sunday Special Edition Director’s Cut’ DVD), and most of the ‘Collection’s’ DVD titles include new, special added features such as commentaries, rare documentaries, outtakes and extended scenes.

The four Warner titles in the collection, ‘Any Given Sunday,’ ‘JFK,’ ‘Natural Born Killers’ and ‘Heaven and Earth,’ will include new digital transfers and original theatrical trailers.

The ‘Any Given Sunday’ double-disc DVD can be found only in the ‘Oliver Stone Collection’ and includes added features such as two full-length commentaries and more than 12 deleted/extended scenes in addition to those features found on the single DVD now available.

For the first time ever, the DVD version of ‘JFK’ will have extra features not available on the current DVD. ‘Natural Born Killers’ includes an added interview between Oliver Stone and Charlie Rose not available on the current version. And, for the first time ever, ‘Heaven and Earth’ is available on DVD with audio commentary by Stone as well as deleted/extended scenes.

The 2 Giftsets are packaged as follows:

6-Movie Giftset: ‘Any Given Sunday Special Edition Director’s Cut’ Deluxe Double-Disc Set, ‘Born on the Fourth of July,’ ‘The Doors,’ ‘JFK Special Edition Director’s Cut,’ ‘Natural Born Killers,’ ‘Wall Street,’ and career retrospective, ‘Oliver Stone’s America.’ Suggested retail price of $119.92.

10-Movie Giftset: Includes all of the above as well as ‘Heaven and Earth,’ ‘Nixon,’ ‘Talk Radio,’ and ‘U-Turn. Suggested retail price of $199.92.

Both of these packages are scheduled for release on January 16.

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