Media Jukebox beta 6.0 adds DVD and TV playback

J. River, Inc. , a digital rights management solution provider, today announced the beta release of version 6.0 of Media Jukebox (TM) software, which the company is touting as the world’s first universal media player. The beta includes a peer-to-peer home networking solution that allows remote access to media files from multiple PC locations.

‘Users can open a virtual Media Jukebox on one computer and play music or video files located on another networked computer,’ says Nikolay Sokratov, CTO at J. River. ‘As more people network computers at home, easy file access and efficient use of hard drive space become key issues. An MJ user can now have virtual access to media from a computer in the living room when the files actually reside on a PC in the home office upstairs.’

New features include broadcast or cable TV playback, DVD support, digital playback for audio CD’s, an internal DSP (digital signal processor) feature for improved sound quality, and faster media library access for large numbers of files. Improved file organization has also been implemented.

Additional features in the beta include Media Editor for mixing and editing of MP3, WMA and other files. This allows modifications such as track-splitting or adding DSP effects to individual tracks. A Media Scheduler feature lets MJ users have greater control of the jukebox for helpful tasks like setting a time for the jukebox to begin playing, or to begin recording from a source of the user’s choice. It also lets MJ reclaim file types that have been grabbed by other applications.

Other improvements are new support for Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox and other MP3 hardware players, and a greater choice of plug-in options.

Media Jukebox plays all popular music formats, including MP3, QuickTime(TM), Audible(TM), Microsoft® Windows Media(TM), LiquidAudio (TM) and RealAudio. Support for secure MusicEx files allows e-commerce opportunities for owners of music and other digital media.

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