InterVideo unveils DVD Player/Decoder for Windows CE devices

InterVideo, Inc. today introduced CeDVD, a new software-based DVD player/decoder designed specifically for the Windows CE operating system. CeDVD is designed to power DVD playback for a new generation of mobile and multifunction consumer electronics products running Windows CE, including home entertainment devices, personal video recorders, convergent multimedia products and much more.

Microsoft Windows CE is a modular, real-time embedded operating system that provides overall Windows compatibility for portable 32-bit devices. It powers Internet access devices, Web terminals, CEDs (consumer electronic devices), and embedded communication products, enabling those units to seamlessly integrate with the Internet as well as with other Windows-based products.

CeDVD is a direct extension of InterVideo’s WinDVD(TM), a DVD player/decoder, and carries with it the majority of that product’s features and functionality. CeDVD is targeted at a broad category of Windows CE devices including multi-function CEDs and other media-convergent consumer products.

CeDVD supports all industry standard DVD APIs, including DirectDraw(TM), and DirectSound(TM). It features an advanced, intuitive user interface, software scaling to eliminate artifacts regardless of window size, and software de-interlacing for rock-steady imaging in playback. The new Windows CE player includes state-of-the-art support for VCD disc, DVD region control, and a powerful and responsive DVD navigator. It also has a unique application interface layer, allowing it to quickly support any graphics adapter with DVD hardware-assist features, like motion compensation and IDCT.

CeDVD is designed to support x86-architecture products from companies like Intel, AMD and Transmeta. The software is modular and tightly tailored to the DVD specifications, providing seamless navigation.

Mark my words, we’ll be watching Braveheart on our watch screens soon….

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