Here are the full details about Warner’s upcoming 2-disc Special Edition of JFK

As pointed out earlier, Warner Home Video is currently preparing two box sets with Oliver Stone films for release on January 16. We finally have received details about one of the most anticipated films in the box sets, that will also be available individually.

Previously released as a “flipper, ” Warner Home Video is now bringing us a new version of JFK, the stunning recreation of President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 assassination and ex-District Attorney Jim Garrison’s subsequent investigation. Honored with two Academy Awards, this film will now be released in a -2disc version, containing the film and an number of exciting supplements.

“JFK” is presented in a new digital widescreen transfer that is enhanced for 16×9 television sets with the entire film, including 17 minutes of footage that was not seen in North American theaters, on one disc with a newly created 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio track. The disc also includes a feature-length audio commentary by director Oliver Stone.

On the second disc you will find a series of deleted and extended scenes with optional commentary by Oliver Stone. An interview with Fletcher Prouty, the ex-government official who inspired Donald Sutherland’s character, will also be on the disc, together with multimedia essays updating the debate on the Kennedy assassination. Biographies and filmographies, as well as the film’s theatrical trailers are also part of this release, as well as a number of DVD-ROM features. These DVD-ROM features include web links to related sites, additional essays on the JFK assassination and Oliver Stone’s movie, as well an exclusive second Oliver Stone commentary that links form the Internet to the DVD. Online event and chat links are also supplied on this disc, as well as trailers for other Oliver Stone movies.

This incredible 2-disc Special Edition of “JFK” that fans have been waiting for will carry a consumer-friendly suggested retail price of only $24.98! Wondering if you should replace the old flipper version of the film? Think no more. This release just sounds too good!

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