Gladiator is coming to an IMAX theater near you for Thanksgiving

On November 22, it will be Maximus on IMAX, as DreamWorks Pictures“ and Universal Pictures” Gladiator is re-released on IMAX screens in selected cities nationwide. The release on IMAX screens comes one day after the blockbuster hit also becomes available domestically on VHS for rental and in a sell-through Special Edition DVD on November 21.

Thirty-five millimeter prints of “Gladiator” will begin showing on IMAX screens on November 22 in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto and other cities, with additional markets to be added as available.

The VHS of “Gladiator” has already become the top rental of the year and one of the top-five rental titles of all time in the U.K. following its October 23 release there. In addition, the DVD of the film has set an all-time record for initial shipment in the U.S., with initial orders of 2.6 million units. The special double disc DVD features more than four hours of bonus programming, including a director’s commentary from Ridley Scott, additional never-before-seen footage, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, production notes, cast and filmmaker biographies, and much more. Originally released in the U.S. last May, “Gladiator” immediately became the first must-see film of the summer, grossing more than $185 million at the domestic box office. It went on to be an unqualified hit internationally, earning more than $440 million worldwide to date.

“Gladiator” stars award-winning actor Russell Crowe as Maximus, a great Roman general, who has been forced into exile and slavery by the jealous heir to the throne Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Trained as a gladiator, Maximus returns to Rome, intent on killing Commodus, now Emperor. The one power stronger than that of the Emperor is the will of the people, and Maximus knows he can only attain his revenge by becoming the greatest hero in all the Empire.

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