Submitted by Luka Sbil and Danny Tam

Dreamworks Home Video has included a hilarious Easter Egg on their release of Ridley Scott’s epic spectacle “Gladiator.”

To access the hidden feature, insert the second disc of the set – the one with all the supplemental material – and go to the disc’s main menu.

From there, go to the second page of special features where you select “Trailers and TV Spots.” In this submenu, press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control and the amulet around Richard Harris“ neck will be highlighted. If you press ”Enter“ now you will get to see a special ”Chicken Run“ trailer that is themed after ”Gladiator“ and even uses the film’s music.

There’s another hidden feature on the supplemental disc of the set that you should check out. Go to the ”Storyboards“ menu on that disc and chose the Rhino Fight – a scene that never made it into the film. When the first storyboard comes up, press the arrow ”Up“ key on your remote control and you will highlight the rhino in the center frame. Press ”Enter’ now and you can read the script for the proposed scene and can even take a look at some of the CGI test footage prepared for it.

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