Fox ramping up their DTS DVDs with some new releases and re-issues

Fans of DTS audio who bemoan the fact that there still aren’t enough soundtracks catering to your favorite sound format, will be pleased to hear that more and more seem to be on the way each day. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will be pitching in now with a package of DTS audio DVD releases. The soon-to-be-released DVDs of Titan A.E. (Nov. 7) and Romper Stomper (Nov. 21) are the company’s first dual Dolby Digital/DTS releases.

Perhaps intending to make up to their DTS-enabled fans, Fox also has plans for several re-issues of discs. First up, on Dec. 26, we have three remastered DVDs: The Siege, Predator and Courage Under Fire will feature both 5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS audio tracks. These tiles will have anamorphic widescreen transfers and will replace existing versions.

A second trio of remastered titles arrives on Jan. 23: The Last of the Mohicans, The X-Files: Fight the Future and The Thin Red Line. As with the first wave, both 5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS audio tracks will be included on each DVD. Retail for all of these new DTS versions is $29.98 each.

And thus our holiday lists continue to grow…

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