Concerned parents can weed out cuss words with TVGuardian

Parents frustrated with foul and abusive language on television programs and in movies intended for families have cause to celebrate as TVGuardian, The Foul Language Filter from Principle Solutions, Inc. , will now be available nationally through Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) stores.

TVGuardian connects between any standard television and VCR/DVD/Cable Box/Satellite Receiver. Using TVGuardian, families can watch confidently, knowing that foul language will be filtered out of qualified programming. Unlike the V-Chip and related technologies that work only on television programming that use a rating system, this device uses patented technology to expand options, allowing programming to be viewed on television, satellite, video, and DVD, without foul language. Settings allow parents multiple options to cut or substitute over 150 offensive words and phrases.

TVGuardian won Best of Show at the 1999 International Consumer Electronics Show, and it has received several awards and high acclaims from family organizations and media covering the electronics industry.

To sum up, it’s the best $*@# $#&! product of its kind…

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