An online guide to help consumers in buying consumer electronics products

This is a terrific and timely idea that we’d like to pass on to our readers.

DVD players, Digital cameras, CD recorders and wireless phones are at the top of many wish lists this holiday season. To help shoppers make the right purchase, then figure out how to work a specific feature and add on the proper accessories, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is offering an objective, comprehensive source of information – Switched On, The Complete Guide To Buying And Connecting Consumer Electronics. Located at , ‘Switched On’ offers help in buying, connecting and maintaining the devices that make our lives more productive and more entertaining.

‘The incredible variety of new consumer electronics products has given shoppers more choices than ever,’ said Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of CEA. ‘’Switched On’ helps consumers sort those choices out in a logical, practical way.’

‘Switched On’ tapped industry experts, audiophiles and technology gurus for its information, organizing the specifics by product category. Visit the site, then choose from the product categories to find out how to connect a TV and DVD, buy the right digital camera for your needs or get the best sound from your audio system.

The DVD player reigns supreme, claiming the number one spot on consumer electronics shopper wish lists, according to CEA research. CEA has forecast that 6.6 million DVD players will be sold during 2000.

Hopefully, this service will help newcomers get up and running with that great new toy a lot quicker.

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