Wesley Snipes kicks aesthetic behind in The Art of War

Warner Home Video will soon show us the more elegant side of violence with the coming DVD release of The Art of War in December.

Do you know who your enemy is? In a change of pace, Wesley Snipes is an operative for the United Nations’ covert dirty-tricks squad who is framed for murder. Fighting for his life, he must evade the FBI and Triad gangsters to discover what is really going on.

Directed by Christian Duguay, the film stars Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer, Maury Chaykin, Donald Sutherland, and Michael Biehn.

Warners will present ‘The Art of War’ in a 16X9-enhanced widescreen transfer with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Extras will include talent bios and trailers.

‘The Art of War’ is scheduled for release on December 26th. It will carry a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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