TTR Technologies completes prototype for protection against DVD-DVD piracy

TTR Technologies, Inc. a developer of digital anti-piracy technologies, has announced the completion of the first prototype protecting DVDs against digital piracy. The new patent pending technology successfully leverages TTR’s copy protection technology originally developed to protect CD-ROMs and CDs against software and music content piracy.

DVD to DVD piracy is expected to become a major concern for content producers and manufacturers. At the present time the only technology available to prevent illegal copies of DVD content prevents piracy from DVD to VHS format. Demand for content protection against DVD-DVD piracy will accelerate as DVD players and DVD production systems became increasingly available and affordable.

As we’ve reported recently, the rate of DVD player unit sales growth surpassed all other consumer electronics in the first half of 2000, increasing more than 110 percent over the same period for 1999. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, unit sales of DVD players in 1999 reached the 12 million mark representing a 73 percent increase over sales figures for 1998. Since DVD players entered the market in 1997 the price per unit has dropped by more than 50 percent. This is a clear driver of demand for players and video discs. Growth in DVD content is expected to continue to accelerate in 2000. Three hundred million DVD’s were shipped in 1999. That number is expected to double in 2000.

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