There’s a new DVD ‘e-rentailer’ in town:

A new online ‘rentailer’ launching this week hopes to compete head-to-head with dominant player in the growing DVD rental market. will officially open for business with per-unit rental pricing of $3.50 for new releases and $2.50 for regular titles, plus shipping of $1.50 for the first DVD and 75 cents for each additional disc.

The new company will attempt to woo customers with a “rent-one, get-one-free” special good for 30 days after registration. RentMyDVD will also offer multiple rentals for a set monthly fee to compete more directly with NetFlix’s monthly $19.95 subscription program, which enables customers to keep four DVDs out at any one time.

The nationwide service will initially ship from locations in San Francisco and New York and stock a 9,000-movie database that includes foreign and special-interest titles.

One of the unique features of the new site will be the ability to purchase used DVDs. RentMyDVD will charge approximately $10 for those discs, 50% to 65% off retail pricing, he said.

RentMyDVD won’t be alone, however. Other online locations, including, offer various DVD rental plans.

New companies finally appearing and seeking a share of the DVD rental market is a sure sign of the continuing boom we’re experiencing. The horizon certainly looks rosy right now…

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