Panasonic’s TV/DVD/VCR combos do everything but feed the cat

Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (PCEC) announced two new Triple Play™ TV/DVD-Video/VCR combos: the PV-DF2700 and PV-DF2000. Each feature the company’s Tau PureFlat™ television, a high-quality DVD-Video player/CD player, and a 4-head, hi-fi stereo VCR. There’s even an FM radio and alarm clock. Both models also feature built-in stereo speakers.

Front and rear A/V input jacks allow easy connection to other home theatre components, and the units have Dolby Digital and DTS out for connections to like receivers or decoders.

Model PV-DF2000 features a 20-inch (diagonal screen measurement) television screen, and will have a suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $899.95. The PV-DF2700 features a 27-inch inch (diagonal screen measurement) screen, and will have an MSRP of $1299.95. Both models are expected to be available in November.

A portable/mobile model that can move short distances to the refrigerator and bring the user beer is rumored to be in production, but this is just hearsay at this point.

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