Next generation DVD-on-a-Chip integrates Progressive Scan and DVD Audio

National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) today announced the second generation of its DVD-on-a-chip product family for the rapidly growing DVD player market. The National® Mediamatics(TM) NDV8501 chip, the first member of the second generation, integrates progressive scan video support and DVD-Audio capability in one chip.

The new generation of the DVD-on-a-chip product family features a number of audio and video enhancements over existing chips, incorporating Progressive Scan, Video Zoom, SCART support (which provides full compliance with TV standards in Europe), Point Transform Control (which allows end-user control of hue, saturation, contrast, brightness and gamma) a highly flexible video input/output port that provides flexible system applications across both DVD recordable platforms, and Internet access devices, on-chip processing of DTS and the newly released DVD-Audio format. MPEG-2 multi-channel and MP3 formats are also provided, along with post-processing effects for Karaoke, 3D stereo surround and Dolby Prologic.

Japanese electronics maker Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) is the first to announce the integration of the chip into its DVD players, with plans for its inclusion in their new XV-D721 DVD player.

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