New DVD-Video changer offers 300+1-disc capacity

At CEDIA EXPO 2000, Marantz America featured its new VC8100 300+1-Disc DVD-Video Changer, the company’s first multi-disc DVD mega-changer and the first multi-disc DVD player to receive THX® Ultra certification. The VC8100’s 300+1-disc storage capacity is the highest capacity available, allowing users to store an entire collection of DVD-Video, CD, CD-R and Video CD discs in a single unit.

Once stored, discs can be easily accessed via the VC8100’s on-screen graphical control and disc management system. By connecting a standard computer keyboard or mouse, disc title and other information can be entered into the VC8100’s memory in up to 20 user-definable video and audio categories, enabling the discs to be readily accessed using the Disc Search function. Disc titles are also displayed on the front panel window, allowing selection of an audio CD without having to turn on the TV. The VC8100 will retain its memory settings even if up to 30 discs are physically rearranged, and it offers a number of additional convenience features, including a memory function that stores playback settings for favorite DVD discs.

The VC8100’s fast-loading mechanism retrieves and plays any disc within seconds. If desired, a single disc also can be played immediately by placing it into the VC8100’s single-loader slot-great for watching rental DVDs. In addition, two VC8100s can be linked together to create the ultimate DVD and CD mega-changer system, with a total capacity of 601 discs.

The unit offers both Dolby® Digital and DTS® Digital Surround™ compatibility, and includes both coaxial and optical digital outputs as well as analog outputs for Dolby Pro Logic® or stereo audio listening. The VC8100 also features Virtual Dolby Digital and SRS TruSurround™ processing to create a realistic surround sound environment using just the TV’s two built-in loudspeakers or a two-channel stereo system.

The Marantz VC8100 300+1-Disc DVD-Video Changer carries a suggested retail price of $1,499.99 and is currently available.

We’re still holding out for 300 +2 discs…

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