Join Mel Gibson when he chats on-line

In support of the DVD and video release of the hit film The Patriot, Yahoo!(R) Chat will host ‘The Patriot Week, ’ a series of chats with the film’s actors, director and producer beginning on Oct. 24.

Oscar® winner Mel Gibson launches the promotional week on Oct. 24 when he chats on-line at 6:30PM (PDT). This event will be followed by chats with the film’s director Roland Emmerich on Oct. 25, from 5PM-6PM (PDT); producer Dean Devlin on Oct. 26, 5PM-6PM (PDT) and actor Jason Isaacs on Oct. 27, from 5PM-6PM (PDT).

‘The Patriot,’ the summer blockbuster which racked up more than $200 million at the box office worldwide, is the emotionally charged epic adventure of Benjamin Martin (Gibson), a reluctant hero who is swept into the American Revolution when the war reaches his home and threatens his family (see our Review). In the process he discovers the only way to protect his family is to fight for a young nation’s freedom.

Director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin, who have teamed up in the past to create such box-office smashes as Independence Day and Godzilla, lead a sterling cast which includes Jason Isaacs, Heath Ledger, Joely Richardson, and Chris Cooper.

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