Get ready fo4ur a t2wo-disc box set of Se7ven in December!!!

We have some RED HOT news for you today. We’ve just received information about the highly anticipated re-release of Se7en from New Line Home Video, and, oh baby, does it look like it was well worth the wait! Coming in a 2-disc boxed set, this package is stuffed with exciting extras…

For those who don’t know about this film, ‘Se7en’ is a searing psychological thriller about Lt. William Somerset (Morgan Freeman), a burnt-out veteran cop who is on the brink of retirement. Forced to train his ambitious and eager replacement, Somerset is teamed with Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt) on an investigation that draws them deeper and deeper into the twisted world of a cunning and meticulous criminal. Methodical, exacting and grotesquely creative, he is known as John Doe and he is the most vicious serial killer alive, fashioning murders based on the seven deadly sins. As each new victim is discovered, the detectives must combine their collective experience to track the trail of a killer bent on seeking revenge for society’s sins.

This extremely effective thriller was directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Alien 3) and helped to launch the careers of some of Hollywood’s most sought after performers, including Brad Pitt, Academy Award-nominated actor Morgan Freeman, and Academy Award winners Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey.

Coming to us as part of New Line’s Platinum Series, the movie will be presented in a brand new anamorphic widescreen transfer remastered directly from the film’s negative under the supervision of director David Fincher. The DVD also includes a New Line Home Video first: a DTS ES Discreet 6.1 near-field sound mix, created specifically for this disc, as well as Dolby stereo surround sound and Dolby EX tracks.

The disc’s bonuses are exciting and plentiful: 4(!!!) audio commentaries, including new original commentary by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and David Fincher, deleted scenes, extended takes, the original “test” ending, animated storyboards, a photo gallery of production designs, stills, crime scene photos used in the film, and John Doe’s notebooks and photos. The DVD also includes an exploration of the cutting edge opening title sequence from multiple video angles with four audio mixes and 2 commentary tracks. DVD-Rom content includes the script-to-screen feature as well as links to the John Doe website, penetrating the killer’s mind with links to his photo gallery, several of his fan sites, reading list and exploration of the seven deadly sins, all newly created for this DVD. Additionally, “Mastering for the Home Theater,” offers an original behind-the-scenes look into the extensive preparation of Se7en for the home theater.

This beauty is scheduled to hit the shelves on December 19th. No suggested retail price has been announced yet.

You can bet that we’ll have a full exploration of this incredible package for you as soon as we can get our Gluttonous hands on it. Uh, oh…what number sin is that again…?

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