DVS announces single-board DVD solution

Here’s some news that could see a reduction in prices for DVD players in the future.

Digital Video Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: DVID) today announced a single-board solution for DVD audio-video applications, which has been a joint development project of the company with a leading designer and manufacturer of integrated circuits in the Silicon Valley.

In a conventional solution for DVD audio-video applications, the major DVD functions are served by two electronic systems on separate printed circuit boards (PCBs), usually dubbed the ‘servo board’ and the ‘MPEG board.’ Thus the DVD drives are integrated with the servo board but not the MPEG board, which has to be separately manufactured and then assembled in order to provide various functionalities, such as reading and decoding audio-video signals from a DVD disc. With combined servo and MPEG systems, this single-board solution will be marketed as an integral part of DVS’ next generation of DVD loader products. This solution will create synergy of substantial size reduction, cost savings and ease of manufacture for DVD audio-video devices.

And we definitely approve of savings in cost…

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