DVD Singles coming from Arista Records

Arista Records is set to launch the music industry’s first full line of DVD Singles, with next month’s introduction of the A.S.A.P./DVD series, ie., the Arista Signature Artist Program presents Digital Value Discs. These selections represent a broad spectrum of popular artists, beginning with seven releases by Toni Braxton (two separate DVDs), Dido, Whitney Houston, OutKast, Pink, and Spiritualized.

This multi-genre series will showcase familiar video performances of top hits by each artist, enhanced by extra interactive content comprising either interview footage, live performance, behind-the-scenes footage, electronic press kit material, or a combination of these elements, as well as an Internet link.

The first set of releases announced above is set for November 21st with a suggested retail price of $9.98 each. Further releases will follow in December (Usher), and January (Joy Enriquez, Dream), with more to be announced.

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