Constellation 3D and Sonic to put HDTV content onto FMD optical media

As a follow up to last week’s article on new, larger capacity media, we’ve learned that Constellation 3D, Inc. and Sonic Solutions have announced a collaborative effort to master High Definition video content for C3D’s Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) using Sonic’s DVD authoring system, DVD Creator.

The FMD – an optical disc capable of holding up to 100GB of data – can store up to 11 hours of HDTV content in the 1080i and 720p formats. Special versions of the FMD disc are also being designed for Post Production, Mastering, Broadcasting, Video/Data Archiving, and Digital Cinema applications. FMD Playback Systems for Digital Cinema, HDTV and Personal Video Recorders are currently under development with industry partners and will be demonstrated in the coming months to the Broadcast & Movie Industries. These systems, due for commercial release next year, are based on inexpensive red laser and therefore capable of playing current CD & DVD content.

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