Sony introduces new 301-Disc DVD-Video/CD Changers

Sony Electronics today introduced two 301-disc DVD/CD changers–the DVP-CX870D and DVP-CX860, the first DVD players capable of accessing both sides of a disc and featuring advanced disc management features for those with rapidly growing CD and DVD libraries. Both products allow DVD collectors and enthusiasts to easily access, manage and store all their discs with the push of a Remote Commander® button.

‘The versatility of these products allows consumers to build music and movie libraries according to their own tastes, and the advanced disc navigation tools enhance the experience,’ said Mike Fidler, senior vice president of home video/digital media products for Sony Electronics.

The DVP-CX870D and DVP-CX860 feature the proprietary Disc Explorer(TM) Disc Management System that provides enhancements and ease of use when managing discs. Originally introduced on Sony’s DVP-CX850D, the DVD format’s Jacket Picture feature has become more accessible, thanks to the inclusion of the feature by many of the motion picture studios and Sony’s own innovations. Jacket Picture titles include an image of their cover art embedded in the disc. These can be displayed as a series of thumbnail images for use in organizing and playing DVD collections, or they can be displayed full screen individually whenever disc playback is stopped.

With the 301-disc changers, 16 improved genre images (comedy, drama, horror, etc.) are now available, along with a Jacket Picture Collection Disc from Sony, which has about 350 images for titles that didn’t have the feature when released. The images on the disc are accessed via simple drop-in loading and simplify cataloging. In addition, the Disc Explorer system allows users to easily access any disc stored either alphabetically by title or numerically by tray slot number.

Thanks to technological advancements and design improvements, Sony’s two new units are smaller and lighter than their 200-disc predecessor. By moving the optical disc drive to the center of the player, 3 inches are removed from the overall depth, and 2 inches are removed from the height.

With the catalog of DVD titles expected to reach 8,500 this year, Sony’s new changers have the technology to handle disc variations, such as 16:9 aspect ratios and two-sided discs. Using an exclusive new mechanism, they have the ability to play single-sided discs or a selected side of dual-sided discs. With the touch of the ‘FLIP’ button, the disc carousel is rotated 180 degrees (or one-half revolution) and the disc is returned into the drive from the opposite side of the mechanism for playback.

The new technology complements Sony’s existing ‘reference standard’ technologies including an exclusive Precision Drive System for more accurate tracking, and Smooth Scan(TM) Picture Search for seamless high-speed scanning.

The DVP-CX870D and DVP-CX860 will be available this fall for about $899 and $699, respectively.

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