Some technical issues with the Slayers DVD Collector’s Box Set

In a laudable effort at customer support, we’ve received word form Central Park Media, the company behind the Slayers DVD Collector’s Box Set, concerning some technical problems that customers may find with the discs. We pass it along as an aid to anyone with this set who may be finding some glitches:

There have been several issues raised among early buyers of The ‘Slayers DVD boxed set’ regarding the quality of the original Japanese audio track. Some customers reported problems playing the Japanese audio with their current configurations. These discs were authored to play correctly in Dolby Digital Stereo, as clearly noted on all packaging and promotional materials. Viewers opting to watch these discs on other types of systems for which the discs were not intended may experience some issues, as follows:

Due to the unusual nature of this issue, the symptoms experienced by the viewer will vary depending on their audio system. Those watching the program on a standard Stereo television will not experience any problems, while those with a Monaural television will notice a decreased program volume for the Japanese language tracks only. Home theater owners with a Pro-Logic 5.1-channel surround system will experience acceptable audio originating from the rear speakers. A chart listing configurations and the resulting experience can be found below.

Again, this problem affects ONLY the Japanese language tracks; those listening to the English dubbed version will not notice any problems, regardless of their configuration. When played on a normal Stereo unit, the Japanese audio will play normally. As the discs were intended to be played on Stereo equipment, this is the configuration we optimized.

Other upcoming boxed sets from Central Park Media, including The Slayers Next and Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, have been tested and have been found to be free from this issue.

The Slayers Playback Configurations:


Mono – No issues

Stereo – No issues

Pro-Logic 5.1 – No issues

DVD-ROM – No issues

Mono – Low volume

Stereo – No issues

Pro-Logic 5.1 – Rear speakers predominate over front speakers

DVD-ROM – if mono, low volume; if stereo, no issues

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