Philips extends its line of DVD-Video players

At CEDIA EXPO 2000, Philips Consumer Electronics showcased new DVD-Video players, ranging from basic functionality to more advanced flagship models. Philips also demonstrated its new multichannel Super Audio CD (SACD) player and its prototype DVD-Video recorder.

‘As DVD broadens and offers new features and functions, Philips is helping to make the transition seamless and appealing,’ said Thorsten Koch, General Manager for Video, Philips Consumer Electronics North America. ‘DVD technology has been widely embraced, and now consumers are able to pursue more options than ever before.’

Philips also showed a new 27-inch TV/DVD-combination unit, the newest member of the Philips Real Flat™ television line.

Their newest DVD-Video models include the DVD941 and DVD951. The DVD941 features a silver design. Both the DVD941 and DVD951 incorporate Philips Parental Approval System and dual lasers. In addition, they contain a convenient feature that serves as a place holder for the last five movie titles inserted into the player – this 5-disc resume function allows movie-viewers to pick up where they left off when interrupted. The Philips DVD951 also features a built in DTS® Digital Surround™ decoder. Available this November, the DVD941 will have a suggested retail price of $299 and the DVD951 will be $399.

In addition to playing audio CDs, DVDs, and Video CDs, Philips DVD-Video players will play the CD-R and CD-RW versions of audio compact discs.

The Philips’ Parental Approval System enables parents to select a PIN required for all movie playback. The players allow parents to pre-approve and store up to 120 movie titles in their memory, allowing playback of these selected discs automatically.

Philips also introduced a multichannel Super Audio CD (SACD) player and demonstrated a prototype of its DVD-Video Recorder. The SACD player includes DVD-Video functionality.

Developed to be compatible with both existing and future DVD-Video and DVD-ROM equipment, the Philips DVD-Video Recorder is based on DVD+RW technology. This allows consumers to create their own DVD and play the disc back on both existing and future DVD-Video and DVD-ROM equipment.

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