Onkyo debuts THX® Ultra DVD Player with DVD-Audio and progressive scan

Onkyo has introduced its first DVD player with DVD-Audio capabilities. The new top-of-the-line Onkyo DV-S939 is also the company’s first DVD player with progressive scan video, and its first with the THX® Ultra certification. It plays DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs, Video CDs, audio CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

The single-play DV-S939, which has built-in decoders for Dolby® Digital and DTS® Digital Surround™, offers audio and video playback with internal or external processing. It has 192kHz/24-bit DACs which reproduce 192kHz two-channel stereo or 96kHz 5.1-channel surround sound.

When used with an external processor, the DV-S939’s Direct Digital Path design collects the raw signal from the pickup circuits and sends it directly to the output. Direct Digital Path is claimed to supply a much more robust signal with more data for an external digital processor. A heavy-gauge shielded cable is said to further reduce induced noise from the power supply and other circuits. The Onkyo DV-S939 has dual transformers and separate power supplies for the analog and digital circuits.

The DV-S939 is capable of delivering progressive scan video via its two component video outputs. The DV-S939 also uses multiple professional-grade 54MHz/10-bit video DACs.

This DVD player has two digital outputs with coaxial and optical connectors for each output. It has DB-25 and RCA 5.1-channel audio outputs and one stereo output. The two video outputs can be channeled to two S-Video or composite outputs, or to two component-video outputs that can be configured for progressive scan or composite signals. There is also an RS-232 port for upgrades and for integrating with home control systems.

The Onkyo DV-S939 has an upgradeable processor that can be accessed via the RS-232 port. An open IEEE-1394 bus will allow users to install an upgrade card to utilize this high-speed digital communications standard, once it becomes available for audio/video use.

The Onkyo DV-S939 will be available in late September with a suggested retail price of $1799.95.

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