Larry Clark’s Kids to be re-released in November

Trimark Pictures is re-releasing the excellent and disturbing drama, Kids to DVD this November.

Directed by Larry Clark, and co-written with Harmony Korine, Leo Fitzpatrick, and Jim Lewis, this is a powerful and compelling film that looks at 24 frenetic hours in the life of a group of contemporary teenagers who, like all teenagers, believe they are invincible. With breathtaking images from one of the world’s most renowned photographers, Kids is a deeply affecting, no-holds-barred landscape of words and images, depicting with raw honesty the experiences, attitudes and uncertainties of innocence lost. Kids gets under the skin and lingers, long after it is viewed. The kids at the core of the story are just that: teenagers living the urban melee of modern-day America. But while these kids dwell in the big city, their story could, quite possibly, happen anywhere.

Trimark is releasing the movie in a widescreen transfer, letterboxed at the film’s original aspect ratio of 1.85:1. Sound is Dolby Digital 2-channel stereo. Extras include Spanish, French, and English subtitles, and Interactive Games. What games could possibly be included on this disc…knock the guy off the skateboard…?

‘Kids’ will be released on November 7th and will carry a suggested retail price of $24.99.

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