It’s Frtiz Lang’s Destiny to be on DVD in November

Fans of the brilliant, influential director, Fritz Lang, will be thrilled to hear that Image Entertainment is bringing us Destiny, one of the director’s early treasures.

This beautiful gothic fantasy was inspired by a childhood dream of its writer/director, Fritz Lang (Metropolis), who first gained world recognition with this film’s triumph. ‘Destiny’ is the story of a young man taken by Death just as he is to be married. His lover makes a deal with the Death figure–if she can save one of three possible lives, her fiance will be returned to her. Otherworldly atmosphere is created by extraordinary, bizarre sets, gothic lighting, and eccentric characters combined with spectacle and camera trickery astonishing for its time. With its many magical and haunting images, Destiny’ still possesses real power to impress the imagination!

The movie will be presented in its original full frame, tinted, and with a mono soundtrack.

Look for it to be released on November 7th. It will carry a suggested retail price of $24.99.

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