Inprimis helps iDVDBox create DVD player with interactive TV/web browser

Inprimis Technologies Inc. is merging its i2020 set-top box (STB) reference platform with iDVDBox’s unique BoxEngine(TM) to develop a more versatile DVD/Internet/TV appliance.

Steve Cavayero, president and chief executive officer of iDVDBox, stated, ‘Our patent pending BoxEngine combined with Inprimis’s interactive TV technology gives our new product several unique features and capabilities. Most exciting of these is the capability of the iDVDBox product to intelligently and automatically find associations between standard DVD content and related content on the Web and dynamically deliver this enhanced information to the TV screen. This will provide consumers with an exciting, new Internet-enhanced family entertainment experience and a new level of ease-of-use in accessing the Web.’

The iDVDBox uses REALmagic DVD technology from Sigma Designs® Inc. (Nasdaq:SIGM). ‘We are extremely pleased that Inprimis selected our MPEG video compression/decompression technology for the iDVDBox,’ said Ken Lowe, vice president of marketing of Sigma Designs. ‘The combination of DVD with the Internet opens up exciting new avenues for interactive entertainment.’

iDVDBox Inc. has distribution agreements worldwide for its iDVDBox, which will be sold under the Lafayette, Philco and other brands. The iDVDBox is expected to be available to consumers by December 2000.

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