Hitachi DVD players incorporate Spatializer N-2-2(TM) for virtual surround sound

Spatializer Audio Laboratories Inc. announced today that Hitachi, Ltd. has included Spatializer N-2-2(TM) Virtual Surround Sound across its entire DVD Player line-up. Models DV-P250, DV-P305 and DV-W1 have already established themselves among the top DVD Players in the global market since their introduction earlier this year. Two additional models, the DV-P705 and DV-C605 will be introduced early next year.

Spatializer N-2-2 delivers a virtual surround sound experience from just two speakers, instead of the five speakers normally required. The combination of cost, space requirements and the complexity of set-up often makes it difficult for consumers to justify a full five speaker plus subwoofer playback system. By utilizing a series of proprietary real-time algorithms, spatial cues are created that convince the listener’s ear and brain that a sound is coming from a location other than the speaker. The result is an audio experience which retains the spatial realism of the full home theater set-up without the expense and complication.

‘This technology provides a very realistic and immersive listening experience for those without extensive multiple speaker configurations,’ said Mr. Hiroshi Shibata, Group Manager, Video of Hitachi America, Ltd. ‘Hitachi DVD Players have quickly made a strong impact in the market and we look forward to working with them to provide their customers with the ultimate in audio enhancement solutions.’

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