Former MGM exec joins NetFlix as general counsel

NetFlix, the leading online DVD rental store, today announced that John Reagan, former Executive Vice President of MGM’s Home Video and Consumer Products Division, has joined the company as General Counsel. Mr. Reagan’s 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry will be an essential asset in directing the future course of the company.

As the General Counsel for NetFlix, Mr. Reagan will be responsible for advising management on structuring and negotiating business deals, as well as all of the legal issues that arise in the normal course of business.

‘NetFlix gets it. They have developed a solid business and understand that the longevity of a company and brand begin with customer satisfaction. NetFlix is in it for the long-haul, no matter what technology is being used to deliver the movie,’ said John Reagan. ‘I consider it an honor to work with this group of people. They’re not just very talented, they are also real movie buffs. They love what they do and they’ll be successful. It was an easy decision.’

As Executive Vice President at MGM from 1998-1999, Mr. Reagan restructured agreements that allowed the 76-year-old-studio to regain control of their film library. Prior to MGM, he worked at DreamWorks SKG, where he helped the newly formed studio launch its home video, pay television, and domestic and international syndication markets.

From 1985-1995, Mr. Reagan served as Senior Vice President of Walt Disney Pictures & Television. While there, he was responsible for structuring their pay television agreements, which yielded lucrative output deals with Showtime and Encore. He also helped expand their home video business, allowing for a fifteen-fold increase in revenue over six years.

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