Enreach Technology, Inc. unveils turnkey solution for internet access on a TV

EnReach Technology, Inc. , a leading provider of end-to-end enhanced television software solutions for service providers, OEMs, and content providers is set to unveil its new EnReachTV2. Set-top boxes powered by EnReachTV2 that offer a complete turnkey for easy Internet access will be demonstrated at East Coast CABLE 2000 September 12 – 14.

EnReachTV2 delivers easy-to-use, full-featured Web browsing and email applications for consumers through their TVs, set-top boxes, cable and satellite receivers, and DVD players. By leveraging TV and multimedia functionality, EnReachTV2 creates a totally new and refreshing Internet and TV experience with either a remote control or a keyboard. In addition to all the features of the EnReach Web set-top box and those Web interactive features associated with DVD, EnReach TV2 also includes personalized Internet information channels. An optional TV tuner design enables web enhanced interactive features to be integrated with regular TV broadcasting via PIP, video overlay or screen framing.

‘We design our platforms by building on the open standards infrastructure that has made the Internet easily accessible to millions of people,’ said David Cong, vice president product marketing and business development for EnReach. ‘When TV viewers experience the same easy, immediate access to information and services relevant to their lives, they will wholeheartedly embrace interactive television as they have the Internet on their computers. EnReachTV2 makes accessing the Internet and other Web interactive features on television as easy as typing ‘enreach.’

According to Cong, the key success of EnReachTV2 Internet and the Web DVD set-top platform are rich functionality and ease of use. To ensure easy customization, EnReachTV2 supports Internet standard platforms including TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, and SSL. As a result, EnReachTV2 opens connectivity to any service provider around the world.

EnReachTV2 solution includes six optional servers. For example, EnReachTV AD Server enables targeted advertisements while EnReachTV Commerce Servers provides one click on line ordering through television. By leveraging these optional servers, service providers can create an end-to-end solutions for subscriber management and new service revenue.

The future is no longer coming…it’s here. It’s just a question of which brand of the future you decide on…

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