Elite will finally take us to the Drive-In

Previously announced and then pulled off schedule, it appears that Elite Entertainment’s Drive-In Discs Vol. 1 will finally be released in November. We hope so, because this one is a really fun idea:

Remember the drive-in theater? The stale popcorn, the warm soda pop, the steamy windshield? Elite Entertainment takes you back to those warm summer nights from the past, recreating a night at the drive-in theater with “Drive-In Discs”. A multi-volume collectible DVD series featuring a complete double-feature horror show.

Each volume of this nostalgic series includes the original drive-in extras that we all remember: cartoons, countdown clock, concession-stand ads, coming attractions, intermission, etc.

Volume 1 of this series contains: The Screaming Skull (1958, 68 minutes) ‘The tortured ghost who claimed vengeance in the bride’s bedroom!’, and The Giant Leeches (1960, 62 minutes) ‘Crawling horror…unleashed by the depths of hell to kill and conquer!’ (There has never been more fun hyperbole than the ads for drive-in movies.)

The movies will come in standard format with a Dolby Digital mono soundtrack. However, to add to the fun-quotient, Elite presents the latest in low-fidelity technology… Distorto! To truly create the drive-in experience, audio track number two replicates the truly horrific quality of the famed drive-in window speaker. This feature delivers the audio signal only to the front left speaker of your system. You’ll feel like you’re really there! Of course, a high-quality soundtrack is on audio track number one.

The release date for this, the first volume, is November 27th. It will have a retail price of $29.95.

Break out the bad pizza and pajamas…we’re ready!

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