Denon introduces DVD-Audio/Video player

The push toward DVD Audio moves another step closer as Denon Electronics has announced the introduction of its DVD-3300 DVD Audio/Video player, the company’s first-ever DVD player with DVD-Audio playback capability.
The Denon DVD-3300 delivers the full sonic benefits of the DVD-Audio format, which is capable of up to 24-bit quantization and 192kHz sampling, a remarkable 144dB dynamic range and a frequency response from approximately 2Hz to 100kHz for two-channel stereo audio-performance specifications superior to the 16-bit, 44.1kHz CD audio standard.

Along with DVD-Audio decoding capability, the DVD-3300 also includes built-in Dolby® Digital and DTS® Digital Surround™ decoders with built-in bass management. In addition to DVD-Audio discs, the DVD-3300 is playback-compatible with DVD-Video discs, Video CDs and standard audio CDs.

The DVD-3300 includes a high-speed, precision 10-bit, 27MHz video D/A converter that provides fine color accuracy and picture detail. To realize the full benefits of this decoding circuitry, the unit includes component video outputs, as well as S-Video and composite video connections. Image quality can be tailored to individual preferences, if desired, by the player’s Picture Mode video detail control, which allows a choice of Soft, Fine and Cinema Mode viewing options.

The Denon DVD-3300 carries a suggested retail price of $1,199 and is currently shipping.

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