Cartoon Noir shows us the dark side of European animation

First Run Features is releasing an interesting collection of European cartoons on DVD entitled Cartoon Noir.

The darker side of European animation is explored in six award winning shorts. Including: Abductees (Paul Vester), five tales of alien abduction told using a wide range of animated techniques; Ape (Julie Zammarchi) a darkly comic animation featuring a grouchy, married couple who battle daily over their nightly dinner; Club of the Discarded (Jiri Barta) a Svankmajer-inspired Czech film featuring a family of discarded mannequins enjoying a quiet life in an abandoned warehouse until a group of hipster mannequins move in, and ruin the neighborhood; Gentle Spirit (Piotr Dumala) a Polish award-winner depicting the psychological landscape-fraught with entrapment and violence-between a young woman and an ominous male figure; Joy Street (Suzan Pitt) an astonishing story of a woman’s journey from suicidal despair to personal renewal, with the help of an unlikely spirit guide; The Story of the Cat and the Moon (Pedro Serrazina) a tale of unrequited love following a cat who is beguiled by an always out-of-reach moon.

The disc runs 83 minutes and will be released on November 21st. It will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95.

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