Automated processing includes Sonic’s award-winning video encoding

Sonic Solutions (Nasdaq:SNIC) today introduced AutoDVD(TM), the first one-step video-to-DVD production system to incorporate professional-level video encoding. Making its debut at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), AutoDVD extends the professional DVD production software, Sonic DVD Creator, with a simple, ‘one-step’ interface, streamlined video encoding, and automated DVD-R creation.

‘As DVD production facilities try to keep up with the dramatic upsurge in demand for titles, they are looking for an easy way to gain further efficiencies in the production process,’ said Dan Leighton, Sonic Vice President of Marketing. ‘Sonic AutoDVD is unique in its ability to allow production facilities to use a template-driven process to automatically generate titles, and that scales from a single desktop to a complete, networked production facility. With AutoDVD, title production is easier than dubbing a tape.’

‘At Midnight Transfer, we specialize in feature film work. Every day, after telecine is complete, we load rushes into DVD Creator to turn them into DVDs,’ said Neil Harris, owner of Midnight Transfer, one of London’s leading post-production facilities. ‘With the new AutoDVD from Sonic, we’ll be able to get out top-quality video with an even faster turnaround, and that gives us an important competitive advantage.’

For DVD facilities that create multiple DVD titles every week — or every day — automation is the key requirement to maximize throughput, deliver better quality and reduce costs. AutoDVD allows post facilities to make the best use of their staff, while delivering more, high-quality DVDs in less time.

AutoDVD is targeted to ship in November; pricing for the AutoDVD option will be $4,999 U.S.

While this certainly sounds expeditious, let’s hope it doesn’t encourage DVD producers to fall asleep at the wheel during transfers…

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